Xavi’s Farewell

This may be the late night mood swings but as I read Xavi’s farewell conference and the Tributes, I couldn’t be more sentimental. Oh Maestro, you have done so much to Barcelona! The Fulcrum of Tiki Taka, the reason behind Barcelona and Spain success over the years, the 100% pass accuracy etc

Sure, he won’t be remembered for nutmegs or dribbles or for his goal scoring records, but for being Bossing the Football pitch. Yes, He is truly a Genius with intelligence and quality alloyed over. Now, I play it short. Now, long. Now, I play it to the right. Now, left. Now, forwards. Now, backwards. Now, we accelerate. Now, we stop. Now, I approach. Now, I go away. Xavi decides all this in just a millisecond.

The chemistry he had with Iniesta and Leo was just mind blowing. The little Trio of 6,8,10 linking up and walking past through defenders with one touch passes like they don’t exist. Leo finding some space and BAAAMMM!! Its a Goal. Football being played and shown too easy, which actually it isn’t.

It will be impossible to see anybody like Xavi in the world. I knew this was gonna happen, bit I never imagined him ACTUALLY leaving Barcelona. Farewell Maestro! I wouldn’t be ashamed of shedding tears on 24th June cry emoticon.


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