The Indescribable Messi

Here I am, trying to find the right video to tribute Messi, but everyone of them failed to do him any kind of justice. I have always been scared of writing about Leo. Many have tried to describe him, and many have failed trying to do that. It’s an impossible task to describe someone, whose achievements, magical touch and immense talent are beyond description. The hard part is trying to explain what my disbelieving eyes have witnessed, when words aren’t enough to relive the favorite moments over and over again.

There is a player who has broken basically all records, even the ones we thought were impossible. A player who has brought the world of football to its knees. A player who, despite his young age, is considered as one of the best of all time. A player whose debut on the Football Pitch has changed the course of History. A player who just reached the peak age for any footballer, but has already won everything the game has to offer. A player who has kept improving time after time, season after season, even when we thought he had reached his peak.

I am not gonna talk about his stats and achievements. Nope, that would be too lengthy to do so. We can look at his stats, and see the ridiculous amounts of goals and assists; we can see the broken records and the rewritten history. But even that doesn’t do justice to Messi’s brilliance. But to understand him and the beauty of his game, you have to see him play. And we’re all lucky to get to witness this genius at work every week. All of us who love football have had to pick their jaws up from the floor more than once after witnessing a magical goal, assist or a dribble made by Messi. How humbly he drops deep to pick the ball, how effortlessly he builds the game-play, and how flawlessly he manages to finish it off with a beautiful goal. Football as a whole, explained in a single move.

Messi doesn’t exist in any place, time or reality we share. When he has the ball, ready to paint the skyline with his left foot, we get to count the stars of his infinite Universe and see things that doesn’t hold in our dimensions. A whole new world opens up before our eyes and we start believing in something paranormal, that defies logic and common sense. Watching him makes me believe in impossibilities. Even when I find myself expecting his magic on the edge of my sofa, he manages to do something so surprising and beautiful that it leaves me emotional.
You would be surprised by his humility. Not once have I heard him brag about his achievements or tell people how great he is. In fact, he’s the one who always praises his teammates and thanks them for his individual success. In the world of greed and self-interest, he’s a real role model, someone to really look up to. He seems to be the only one not so impressed by his own success and greatness. He doesn’t need to yell at the referees, make excuses, talk to the press. He doesn’t need shiny earrings, sexy under-wears or a six-pack to show off. Messi just wants the ball. Watching him play, you can still see that little boy who loves football more than anything.

I can go on and on, sugarcoating it with adjectives but the truth is, Messi is indescribable. It leaves me in search of words, until I realize that no human dictionary was designed to describe this kinds of alien and no past generation has ever seen such kind of magic. We say he’s the best player ever, but even after seeing the stats, watching him play and wasting my time trying to find words for his brilliance, I still end up in the same dead end.
To quote Ray Hudson:

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How magnificent is Messi? There is no answer. It’s like counting the bubbles in a bottle of Champagne.

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