Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets.
27 years of age yet seems to have been around forever.
His emergence from within the club’s youth ranks displays football aestheticism at its finest and has become a source of footballing world’s constant envy towards FC Barcelona.
He has been operating selflessly all these years with a penchant for suave excellence. Since his debut in Guardiola’s all-winning dream team in 2008, he has been a discreet faithful knight in a team brimming of royalty. Busquets would rarely be seen in post-match segments satisfying his ego and neither would you find his work on the pitch being translated onto inspirational videos on YouTube or getting Vined across today’s social media. He can quite fittingly be referred to as the most boring midfielder of modern times, completely aloof from the seductive star system of today’s footballing world. Sergio Busquets, thereby, reminds us not to be entranced with glamour of Barcelona as we know it today; the home-bred vertebrae, of Messi, Iniesta, Pique and himself, is the great sporting feat of this century.

Many dislike him. Yes, of course, one invites these verdicts when they are the bad guy in a team that showcase themselves as the good guys. Sergio Busquets’ conundrum remains mostly insoluble and bereft of an answer. I won’t go on about my views on him, I’ll try and substantiate them with words of people with some pedigree in the footballing world. Rest, as they say is up for the public’s decree.

Guardiola, Wenger and Del Bosque have been his admirers since long and Luis Enrique hasn’t taken long at all to affirm their views. Guardiola and Bosque appreciated him when there were doubts about his personality, set aside his style of play. They saw that diamond in him that mere mortals couldn’t due to the scruffy and tarnished surface. Busquets may still well be the least celebrated player of this ‘Once in a lifetime Barcelona’.
Johan Cruyff: “He is a gift for any coach. The speed of his passing is perfect and he is the kind of player you don’t need to explain anything to. You just put him in his position and he performs.”

Del Bosque:

If I could be any player in the world, I would like to be Sergio Busquets. He does everything; he always helps the team, he is generous, and he is the first to get the team moving. When he plays, the football is more fluid. With Busquets in the team, our football is better.


He is fundamental to Barcelona. Busi sees you quickly, he always takes the simple option. He reads the game well and moves the ball with precision, in as few touches a possible.

Perhaps, Guardiola said it best,

He thinks more about the team than himself.

He, thankfully, has renewed his contract for 5 years and has a buy-out clause of £152m.
Sergio Busquets is imperative for FC Barcelona.
He protects and serves.

Words: Daneyal Awan

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