Pieces over Shocking Goodbye!

Pieces over Shocking Goodbye!

This post wraps up the sentiments over Messi’s retirement from international arena.

Aguero: “Messi’s decision? I don’t know about other players but what I saw of him today, I’ve never seen it in my life.
Aguero: “I’m saddened. It happened because Messi did everything to win something but it just didn’t happen. He still remains the best.

“They treat him (Messi) like a criminal. He’s the one who takes the losses the hardest. Many may follow him in retiring.

Seeing him like this leaves me in tears.


One of our editors (#MZB) explains:

No. I don’t think I have any reason to hold this all in. Now that it’s all done, dead and dusty.

Did I NOT mention Leo was refusing to pass at the HT analysis? LITERALLY REFUSING it! How can a person NOT see that? He chose to take on FOUR defenders at each given instant than playing the god damn ball to ANY player in a comfortable position. HOW is that not a problem for the team?

I went on full ranting after the WC 2014 about how AFA needed refinement and how Argentina deserve a coach no less than Simeone. How the “politics” within the board needs to stop. How they need to get behind their main player, trust him and FEED him the ball. How better, younger players were also needed.

But this was really it. It was like Leo had given up all hope. He needed to make that last effort on his own, which he did. I’m not going to pick Higuain, Di Maria or Aguero, or even the referee for that matter. That’s what an amateur sporting spectator would do. And regardless of how unfair the sport can be, you always stay professional. ALWAYS!

In the end, it all came down to these supporters. These group of moronic, peabrain individuals. These slits who are perhaps never gonna get their heads out of the coke sniffing merchant’s ass. This puss of a media which shall never recognize the down to Earth footballing miracle, a fantasy this man is; one who has already inspired millions across the globe. This scum of a footballing nation altogether.

You broke him. You broke the rest of the lot. Masche’s gone. Kun handed it in. Biglia, Lavezzi, Higuain all on the verge of it. It’s all down to YOU people. The sweetest decision Leo could ever take and we all know that. Congratulations cause Argentina’s gonna win jackshit all this and perhaps the next century and I assure you of that.

As much as it feels said in the heat of the moment, all of this, won’t answer any of his critics. You all seem to have spending a good time lately. Enjoy while it lasts. At the end of the day, we all know the rest are irrelevant. All your idols, regardless of how much you suck them off. There has never been a player like him. There never will be. The rest is tangential fantasy.

Here is what many of our other page editors has to say about this shocking yet pointed move.

Leo’s Performance vs Chile:

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