Neymar Fraud Case and the Convicts

Neymar Fraud Case and the Convicts

Said I would state my stance on the debate between this board and the Laporta’s one. From what I’ve figured out doing my research, Neymar fraud case is a real concern both for the club and the fans.

KDP’s already mentioned it earlier. The court have asked the club to pay 5M Euros to receive a clean slate. Apparently, they’ve already paid 3.5M, so there’s a small sum left.

However, what’s more troubling is this. Paying the fine means that the club accpets of being guilty of the fraud, and it’s reputation slained. Something that hasn’t happened in the long 116 years of history.
Also it, as Lucas refers to it, is a “strike 1”. There shall be no strike 2. Simplifying it – if the club’s caught in another reported fraud, the court has every authority to DISSOLVE Football Club Barcelona at a single sentence. Yes you read that right. This means the END!

Taking a look at the expenses, the case has cost us a total of 29M Euros already. This includes all the fines, additional taxes and Lawyers fee we’ve paid. It’s important to note here, if we fail to accept the charges, the case could go on eventually ending up in a total sum of 90M.

Admist all the hovac, the responsible ones (Rosell and Bartomeu) walk free. Despite the club’s bylaws stating any person who compromises the club’s account over his personal interests shall lose his office and membership as a soci in an immediate effect, nothing can be hoped for to bring the two together and hold them accountable.

Bet if the elections are called on tomorrow, Bartomeu’s gonna win with significant numbers yet again. Our socis are opaque. That being said, the future seems dark.

One. One good reason to support this lot? No. Never!

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