Messi’s GOAL against Neuer

Messi’s GOAL against Neuer

Leo Messi goal against Neuer was the most tweeted moment with 25.3K tweets per minute! Wow, that’s unbelievable no? Let’s just see why it was so much in demand!

The magical man got the ball from outside the box by an interception from Dani Alves .. As soon Leo received he did what he does the best, as expected. He stroke the ball so hard, that it was more powerful than M40 rifle with the precision of a vernier caliper in pinnacle point of the goal which Manuel Neuer couldn’t stop and the ball ended up behind the net while the only thing Neuer was able to watch was the guy with Number 10 Jersey running towards the crowd celebrating with the 90,000 fans chanting “MESSI” in the Nou Camp! That was one hell of an eye-catching moment, though.

Couple of minutes later Rakitic passed the ball to Leo Messi who received it with his magical left foot, his eyes were already on his prey Jerome Boateng who was trying to snatch Leo’s possession but suddenly Leo dispersed his atoms on the left side of Boateng and then in nanoseconds collected it back on the other side of Boateng leaving the poor soul on ground for dead and then swooped the ball with his so called Weaker foot above the head of his challenger who could only watch the spinning white sphere ending up beyond the net and later regretting the words of his press conference! No wonder karma comes hits so hard. The Real Boss showed on the pitch that his witching ways can destroy the world’s best keeper in a matter of just a few minutes! He is indeed unbeatable and simply the best. No one can ever be like him and he given a lot to football world, something we would be telling our generations about.

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