20. 2. 22. 6. ‪#‎ObrigadoAlves‬

20. 2. 22. 6. ‪#‎ObrigadoAlves‬

Daniel Alves.
I usually don’t write much, but the departure of Alves has compelled me to share my side of the story.

2007-2008, we were in crisis. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong. Rijkaard had World Cup winner Zambrotta & Oleguer at his disposal; yet for the second season in the running we were in drought for a major trophy. Attacks from the right flank were nightmares.

I was following Alves since Sevilla was notching Uefa Cups. He would start as a RB and move into RW, courtesy of Junade Ramos. Everyone must see Alves performance for Sevilla vs Shakhtar from UCL. That was the game, I desperately prayed to have him. With Guardiola, we signed Alves. It was a crazy week, full of optimism.
He started poorly, critics would say he isn’t the Alves of Sevilla. He is a changed player. 8 years later, Alves has beaten Reiziger by a mile, who was touted to be the best RB in Barca’s history. Today, Alves leaves this club with being the most successful defender in football history (30 titles). With Alves leaving, for me an era has ended. It started with his signing, it ends with him. We would never have a player again who plays with such passion. I would curse his numerous crosses that went over the top, but every Saturday/Sunday night, I was ecstatic to see him play on the right flank. Uff! I will miss that.

That Iniesta goal was courtesy of Alves’s super-bad cross that super-naturally landed onto Messi’s feet, the rest is history.

This is as painful as Puyol leaving the club. I wish him all the best. Alves you are a club legend. Thank you for the thousands of crosses and your hundreds of assists, and that super-volley against Madrid in Copa, oye hoye!
I wont share more memories, I prefer to keep them with myself, What a player we had, never again, never before.

Thank you Dani Alves!

20. 2. 22. 6. ‪#‎ObrigadoAlves‬

Words: Talaal Burny

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